Symbols - The Language of Motifs

Carpets and kilims since their beginning were not created just for meeting man's physical needs but also for his psychological wishes. Religious beliefs and ritual life enrich and develop philosophical thoughts and the soul of man. This influences both the artist and his work in various ways. Just looking at the motifs and compositions in the carpets and kilims makes this evident.

Turkish carpets and kilims are a unique product carrying valuable traditional messages from the depths of history to the present, from Central Asia to Anatolia. In other words, Turkish carpets and kilims did have role as a "communication device" in its modern meaning. Thus, every single Turkish carpet and kilim has general and rich messages that it carries through meaningful and colourful patterns.

The meanings of the motives in Turkish carpets are different depending on the region. However, generally the motives symbolize religious beliefs, nobility, power and the other themes described below briefly. The language of carpets and kilims not only indicates the skill of the weaver but also (whether they are understood or not) transmits their messages.

Skorpion (akrep)
Gold Scales (altin terazi)
Fertility (bereket motifi)
Ear Of Grain (buday basagi)
Tent (cadir ev)
Lighter (cakmak)
Wheel Of Fortune (carkifelek)
Flower Bundles (cicek demetleri)
Brand (damga)
Dragon (ejderha)
Hands on Hips (elibelinde)
Sky And Light (gokyüzü ve isik)
Eye (göz)
Poppy (has has)
Running Water (hayat suyu)
Kettle (ibrik)
Human (insan)
Carnation (karanfil)
Goose (kaz)
Goose Foot (kaz ayagi)
Rams Horn (koc boynuzu)
Letter S (köseli s)
Swan (kugu)
Earrings (küpe)
Wolf's Mouth (kurt agaz)i
Granade (nar)
Evil Eye (nazar boncugu)
Arrow (ok)
Burdock (pitrak)
Fleece (post)
Hairband (sacbagi)
Chest (sandik)
Bird/Peacock (kus/tavuskusu)
Birds In Flight (ucan kuslar)
Leaves (yapraklar)
Stars (yildizlar)
Clover (yonca)
Directions (yönler)
Hyacinth (sümbül)

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