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SULTANKÖY Turistik Mağazacılık Ticaret A.Ş.

Sultanköy, one of Turkey's reputable rug producers and dealers, is at your service in Çamlık - Izmir.

Sultanköy will impress visitors with its workshops where one enjoys fine weaving created by master weavers; the process of natural dyes, obtained from various plants, roots and flowers, process of natural silk which is created with traditional methods that has been used by Anatolian people for centuries.

The company also offers great collection of old and contemporary rugs and Anatolian Kilims. With its charming buildings and ambiance where you will enjoy every stage of carpet producing, its fascinating location, beautifully situated among the Byzantine rock cut monasteries, Sultanköy Rugs will accommodate you with great Anatolian hospitality in Çamlık, the place of Aegean lifestyle.

Company's rug experts will help you during your visit of our company and you will soon understand that our main policy is customers full satisfaction at all stages and this policy is followed with utmost care with fine quality of our rugs, fast and reliable shipping we supply, attractive prices and wide selection of rugs and kilims we produce.

The quality and authenticity of our products is confirmed by a "Certificate of Origin" that we give to our clients. During your visit of the Ephesus area, we invite you to visit our workshop where you will share great pride and love that we feel for our national art, Turkish Rugs.

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Tel.: +90 232 894 80 80
Fax: +90 232 894 83 31

Sultanköy Tur. Mağ. Tiç. A.Ş.
35920 Çamlık - Selçuk
Mail: mail[at]sultankoy.info