Removing Stains

The golden rule is to attack the stain before it has the chance to set in!

Dealing with spills and stains

Water and dampness are the greatest danger to an oriental carpet. Water spillage is perhaps the most common accident at home. When this occurs, appropriate steps should be immediately taken. Using an undyed piece of cloth, try to absorb as much of the spilled water as possible. Place some material underneath the carpet, and gently blot the pile. Do not try to wring it.

A hair driver, set a moderate heat, is probably the best implement for drying. Dry the carpet throughly from both sides. The pile may be a little matted when dry. Gently tease it back in to shape with the gingers.

Failure to carry out the above steps as quickly as possible may result in two problems: color run, and the rotting of the warp and weft. Should these problems occur it is best to seek the help of an expert restorer.

In a busy housebold, a varity of substances may be accidently spilled on a rug. Excluding the treatment for silk or antique carpets, most of these accidents can be tackled at home. The first step with any substance is the same as with water. Soak up as much liquid as possible with a clean, undyed cloth.

This simple absorbtion method, when carried out as quickly as possible, is the greatest contribution to stain prevention. The longer as a spill remains, the more difficult it is to clean, and the gretaer the danger of a permanent stain.

The next stage, is to make a colorfastness test. Rub a colorful patterned area with a damp white cloth. If the cloth takes the color of the carpet, then an expert should be asked to tockle the problem. If the carpet is colorfast, than the stain can be removed at home with a variety of common household items. In dealing with every type of stain, work from the top of the stain downwards, never from the middle outwards, as this may cause the stain to spraead, never use hot water, bleach, or washing up liquid, and remember that gentle repetition is mote ellective than harsh scrubbing.

Never use the following materials : Gasoline (could cause a fire), soap or alkali based detergents ( may cause rug decay ), ammonia ( will fade rug colors ).


How to remove stains

Any Alcoholic Drinks - Lightly wit with warm water and use 90% alcohol to clean.

Red Wine - Clean with lemon and wipe with water and natural soap or carpet shampoo.

Mud - Dry well and vacuum clean.

Pet Urine - Wipe with a sponge while the stain is damp and leave to dry. Later wipe with wine vinegar. If unsuccessful, wipe again with a mixture of 3 parts alcohol and 1 part ammonia.

Fruit - Damp sponge with a mixture containing 3 parts white vinegar or lemon juice and 1 part ammonia and wipe.

Ink - Damp sponge with a mixture of water, soap and alcohol and wipe. Take care to prevent the cleaning mixture from dripping down to the reverse of the carpet.

Sweets - Lightly wipe with warm water.

Chocolate - Use a sponge damped with ammonia to wipe.

Egg - Never use hot water. Wipe with an ammonia and water mixture, failing that, use an alcohol and water mixture.

Make-up Materials & Perfumery - Wipe with alcohol.

Blood - Never use hot water. After cleaning the stain well with a damp sponge, wipe with cold salty water. If the stain is dry, brush it and clean with water containing a small about of ammonia.


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