These are typical Anatolian nomad carpets. The design is mainly geometric and there is a vague resemblance particularly in the borders to motifs of Caucasian carpets. The border is usually composed of a large band enclosed between two or four thinner bands. Often the recurring motif in the wide band is made up of a succession of stars executed geometrically and divided into four equal parts. The field design is frequently composed of a number of diamond shapes. This motif is enclosed in a series of hexagons of increasing size and varying colors. Often between the ground hexagon and the four corners there is the hooked design known as the "running dog". The corner decoration often consists of an eight pointed star enclosed in an octagon. Color is one of the most predominant and pleasing characteristics of Yörük carpets. Yellow and violet are the predominant colors, with a hint of orange, green and midnight blue. These vivid colors are harmoniously combined in Yörük carpets.